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Motorhome Buyback -

the cheap and flexible alternative to

renting a motorhome in the UK.

Before You Arrive:
  • Browse through our selection of Motorhomes

  • We'll help with a custom video tour and video chat over Skype or Facetime 

  • Choose any accessories you need - such as bike racks, satellite navigation, TV, DVD etc.

  • Tell us your rough itinerary and we'll work out your purchase and buyback prices

  • Put down a 10% deposit (your balance is due 4 weeks later)

  • Your motorhome will be serviced, warrantied and accessories fitted ready for your arrival

When You Arrive:
  • Arrange transport for you from Heathrow airport (30 minute drive)

  • Kit out the motorhome with some essentials to get you going

  • Show you how to use your motorhome

  • Arrange your first night’s stay at nearby approved motorhome site

  • Your motorhome will be serviced and warrantied.  We can also help you arrange road tax and insurance

  • Don't forget your Buyback certificate


Returning the Motorhome:
  • You return the motorhome on the agreed date (let us know if you wish to extend or return early).

  • Relax over a cup of tea while we carry out an inspection, and transfer the agreed buyback price to your account

  • Remember you are free to sell the motorhome yourself at any time.

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