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Motorhome Buyback -

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't this Buy Back deal too good to be true?

We've heard that rumour from several Motorhome hire companies.  Providing you have the capital available, (even if you don't it's still worth taking a look as interest rates are at an all time low) the numbers speak for themselves.  For longer visits - 10 weeks or more typically - financially it compares very favourably to renting a Motorhome and you get a home that suits your travel style - not one punished by a series of hirers.  We do advise you to chose a reputable Motorhome dealer experienced in offering buy back schemes. We advise you exercise the normal due diligence - check out how long they've been in business, look at their Google reviews.  Make sure they are consistently recognised by the specialist industry media such as Practical Motorhome

What if our travel plans change?

No problem – just let us know and we’ll recalculate the buy back for you.

Where can I get insurance for my Motorhome?

Specialist insurers who regularly deal with visitors from overseas are probably your best bet.  Two that customers have used in the past are Walkabout Insurance:  and Down Under Insurance:

How do I register and tax my Motorhome in the UK?

Local registration and taxation is required to insure your Motorhome here in the UK.  Specialist insurers such as “Walkabout” or “Down under insurance” fully understand you are not a resident in the UK, and accept a local "care of" address that can be used to register, insure and tax your Motorhome.

Who is responsible for maintenance and repair?

Any Motorhome you buy from us here at Southern Motorhomes has been fully inspected, mechanically serviced, tested and will carry a 6 month warranty.  If a fault occurs during this 6 month period we will fix it.  To maintain your buyback agreement it is important that you look after your Motorhome.  Our buyback price assumes you will return the Motorhome to us at or near the condition in which it left us when you bought it.  Of course - normal wear and tear is factored in, but damage to the interior or exterior requiring repair or significant remediation work is not.

Can you help us choose a motorhome?

Yes of course.  Tell us your plans and we'll happily send you a selection of the Motorhomes we think would work for you best with complete descriptions and high quality photos.  We also provide video tours on our website, and if you prefer - we can offer a personal tour via Skype or Facetime where you can ask questions and review the Motorhome in detail.  We also welcome your friends, family or other representative to see what we have on offer on your behalf.

We can't find the exact Motorhome layout we want - can you still help?

Yes we can.  Given sufficient time (minimum of 2 weeks before arrival) we can use our industry contacts and knowledge to locate the exact Motorhome you're looking for.


Do I have to watch my mileage?

There are some mileage limits, although we try and work out a package that will be more than enough for your planned use.


Really love it and want to come back next year?

We’ll store your motorhome in our secure storage area until you’re ready to come back.

How do you calculate the buyback price? 

We don't use a simple percentage like some other dealers.  Our buyback offers are calculated to give you the best return value based on our knowledge of the local market.

What if the exchange rate has changed when we return our Motorhome for buy back?

We transact our sales and buy backs in British Pounds so exchange rate fluctuations could benefit or work against you when the time comes to convert your currency.  Common sense is to shop around for the best rates from a well known, secure currency vendor.  Check the rate offered and factor in any fees.  Quite simply, it boils down to one very simple key question:  after all charges, how many pounds will I get?  The Travelex international payments service has some useful information and tools for planning your currency exchange here.

Where can we get picnic tables and other stuff we need?

We have available to rent picnic tables, chairs, microwaves, cycles, torches etc.  Everything you need for your adventure without having to use up your precious baggage allowance.  Visit our "Easy Life" page

Where are the good places to stay?

Become an overseas member of the Camping and Caravanning Club - for some great deals.

Is there a campsite nearby where we can stay overnight?

Yes - there's a site very close by.  Amerden Caravan and Camping Park at Old Marsh Lane, Dorney Reach, Maidenhead. SL6 0DZ.  are a small family run caravan and camping site at the side of the River Thames, alongside the towpath that runs between Maidenhead and Windsor.  The site used to be an old orchard and still retains several of the original fruit trees. It is a level grass site with all the essential modern amenities. This site is an ideal base for visiting London, Windsor, Legoland and the Thames Valley.  

How much does it cost to fit accessories?

You can find prices for fitting most popular accessories here.   Alternately just complete our contact form and let us know what you need.  We'll be happy to provide a quote.

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